Saturday, April 27, 2013

Polyvore Addiction

Lately, I'm a little kind of have an addiction to polyvore. It always be a good distraction, whenever I need it. Sometimes I just spent my time by read a book, hang out, shopping or doing something. But spend my time playing with polyvore is better than a glass of Mojito, just kidding, Mojito is the best healer! ha..ha..haa

Peach Meets Denim

I have one peach skirt that looks exactly same like this one from Mango, and I don't have an idea what to wear with it and ta.. da... finally they dropped me an idea to pair it with my denim jacket from Mango.

Take me to the PROM

Everything looks so classy. The Louboutin shoes, the dress and all those flowers things.

Lady in Black

I love ❤Black❤ Forever Black. always. *end of statement*


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